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Everyone on the cruise ship is excited about the new female colleague Captain Burger is welcoming on board. Hanna Liebhold will be the new hotel director on the ship.

Before, Hanna had been the general manager at a luxury resort on the Maldives. She’s all packed and ready to go, but has to postpone her duty on board for a few days, since her successor at the hotel had a skiing accident and broke her leg.

Ilona and Roland Michel had been in an on-off relationship since they were young. It’s the third time they’re filing for divorce, and Ilona boards the ship believing Roland isn’t joining her on the journey they had initially booked together. She’s planning to start a new life with Benno, a handsome hotel owner on the Maldives, and has no idea Roland managed to board the ship on time.

Another guest on the cruise liner is Bella – young and charming, but in deep sorrow. She had recently lost her father and is going on a grief journey to the Maldives. She never wanted to join him on his journeys, and had therefore missed the chance to meet his new girlfriend, before he suddenly died.
Will this voyage soothe Bella’s pain?

Ilona is having trouble letting go of Roland. Benno couldn’t be less thrilled about that, but while he’s trying to do everything to please Ilona, he doesn’t notice his endearing employee Amita. And, to crown it all, Roland is taking all the credit for Benno’s effort, with Amita’s help.

On board of the cruise liner, it hits her like a lightning bold: Marie, a shy goldsmith, meets Sönke who holds lectures on rare coins and sunken ships. They are getting closer, and also Sönke falls for her. When Marie tells him about a coin she had been working on, she finds out that Sönke only cares about possessing this rare treasure that had sunk with a Portuguese galley.

Hanna, the new hotel director, is facing a painful challenge. Bella is hosting a tribute ceremony for her father which ends up in the two women arguing about a necklace Hanna is wearing. Bella believes the necklace to be a family heirloom and claims it back. She refuses every single one of Hanna’s attempts to smooth things out between them, and not even Jean-Luc, the good-looking diving instructor who’s been flirting with her, seems to be able to change her mind.