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“Adrenalin” is part of the bestselling "The Trace" thrillers by popular Australian writer Michael Robotham, whose first novel, "The Suspect," was translated into 22 languages. Starring as psychiatrist Joe Jessen is the celebrated Ulrich Noethen (Downfall). Directing is the experienced duo team of Cyril Boss and Philipp Stennert.

The discovery of a young nurse's corpse prompts Inspector Vincent Ruiz to seek help from the renowned Hamburg psychiatrist Dr. Johannes Jessen. Though in possession of valuable information, Jessen refuses to break his oath of secrecy, which lands him in the crosshairs of Inspector Ruiz. By the time he confides in Ruiz that he knew the victim, it is too late: he is now part of a perfidious plan which endangers not only his own life but also that of his wife and daughter...