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The Hamburg based psychiatrist Johannes "Joe" Jessen isn’t too sure he wants precocious Sina Martensen (16) as the friend of his daughter Charlotte. But when one evening she shows up at the Jessen’s home in bloodstained clothes, Joe does everything to help the girl. Meanwhile the police – with Vincent Ruiz at the forefront – make a gruesome discovery at the Martensen’s house. Sina’s father Ralf, the former boss of Ruiz' superior Ronnie Nielsen, lies murdered in Sina’s bedroom. Soon Sina is the suspect – but the teenager is in a state of shock and can’t remember anything. When the murder weapon is found with Sina’s fingerprints on it, the case is solved in Ronnie Nielsen’s mind. Due to her unstable state Sina is held in a psychiatric clinic while awaiting her trial. However, Joe doesn’t believe that this child, who used to be a frequent visitor to their family home, could have killed someone. Against the orders of chief inspector Ronnie Nielsen and together with Ruiz he begins to investigate the girl’s social circle. One lead takes the two men to Gregor Engels, the drama teacher of both Sina and Charlotte. Joe is alarmed when he realizes that the man seems to hold a special attraction for his pupils. But what is the link between the shady past of the drama teacher and the death of Sina’s father? Was he not the real target of the murderous assault?