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In the midst of beautiful mountain heights, Piz Beverin towers above the nature park to which it lends its name. A breath-taking landscape stretches out at its feet. Deep canyons and clear mountain lakes – Beverin in the canton of Graubünden is an insider's tip for nature lovers. The unique wilderness also inspires the local people and motivates them to protect it every day. Like, for example, the dairy couple Anita and Simon Buchli from the upper Safien Valley. They breed the so called “mirror sheep”, which are threatened by extinction. Or Magdalen Pfister, who as a ranger in the Rhine Gorge sensitises tourists to responsible behaviour. On the bank of the gorge, the riparian forests are a paradise for the beaver. The wolf has also recently returned, endangering the flocks of sheep on the steep mountain meadows. The park's landmark is the "Capricon", as the ibex is called in Rhaeto-Romanic.