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Norway: Between Fjords and Fells

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Norway’s fjords and fells are among the most spectacular of what Europe has to offer. Its wildlife is outstanding. In spring, herds of reindeer wander from the valleys to the plateaus to spend the summer there. Small herds of musk ox live at an altitude of over 1,000 meters in the Dovrefjells area.

These creatures are surprisingly closely related to goats. They give birth to their offspring in the barren landscape, just like the massive moose. Salmon migrate up icy streams to their spawning grounds and a surprisingly colorful underwater world hides in the depths of the fjords. The bird islands of Norway are also famous, where Northern Gannets, Europe’s largest seabirds, breed in colonies and Atlantic Puffins raise their chicks in nesting tunnels.

The film draws an exciting portrait of Norway — the country between fjords and fells.