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The ultimate rags to riches tale of a margay, one of the least known and rarely filmed wild cats, and a spectacular coming of age story for his companion, a young man named Falton . Both are native to the pristine jungle of Guyana, South America. But both have been torn from their roots...

The margay was an orphan, snatched from the wild but later rescued. His saviour has brought him back to the jungle, but the little cat has no mother, no knowledge of survival in the wild. Who better to lead him into the wild than Falton . Two lost souls needing to reconnect with their rainforest The path ahead is dangerous; apart from the physical challenges of the dense jungle, they face predators at every turn, from piranha to jaguar. And nobody, not scientists or indigenous people, let alone
Falton , know anything about the secret lives of cryptic margay. So, the two embark on a journey of discovery high up into the canopy, the home of the margay.

This unfolding adventure is told in a unique first person narrative, Falton taking the viewers with him on his literal and spiritual journey.