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Val Calanca in the south of Graubünden is one of the most remote and unspoilt valleys in Switzerland. Here lies the "Parco Val Calanca", the smallest nature park in the country and the only one in the Italian-speaking area. The wild but narrow valley got his name, because it is cut deep into the mountains. From the bottom of the valley, Val Calanca extends up to an altitude of 3 200 metres. An impressive mountainscape with barren rock faces and rugged ridges.

In the middle of the valley lies the small heart-shaped lake Lagh Calvaresc, the valley’s landmark. Small villages and hamlets cling to sunny terraces, some accessible only by foot or cable car. The fear of avalanches and landslides from the steep mountain flanks is present throughout the Val Calanca. There is hardly any other region in Switzerland where avalanche barriers and an intact protective forest are as important as in Val Calanca.