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Forests, unspoilt countryside and capricious weather characterise the Vaud Jura Nature Park. Anyone who has ever been here knows the charm of seclusion. Embedded in two Jura chains is the Vallée de Joux. With its lakes and pastures marked by dry stone walls, it stands for the eternal interplay of man and nature. The Risoud forest covers the border area with France.

Around the lake Lac de Joux live people who can hardly imagine a more beautiful spot on earth than the special world in the Jura mountains. In all weathers, Caroline Khamissé gives stoats a new home. Ornithologist Yves Ménétrey fights for the future of the Tengmalm's owl. Full of curiosity, biologist Arnaud Maeder follows the life of the largest ant colony in Europe. The Golay family has lived there for generations and works heart and soul in forestry and cattle breeding. Outdoor guide Diane Hostettler leads people back into nature.