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Floods, storms, melting glaciers and rising sea levels. We are sufficiently familiar with these consequences of global warming. But CO2 and climate change also impact our environment in quite different ways. In the tropical rainforest, especially in the treetops, the first signs that might well fundamentally change the rainforest eco-system can already be seen. Dr Jörg Salzer, a biologist and liana expert from Germany is investigating these changes. But in order to gain a better understanding of what is happening, he must climb up to the treetops. So he lives on a small platform, open to nature and animals. He becomes foster-mother to an orphaned kinkajou that soon shows him how closely intertwined the lofty habitat is. And in a daring DIY effort, he develops a one-man flight system that allows him to hover like a hummingbird in, around and above the highest tops of the trees. And ultimately to gain long-awaited insights into the interplay of trees and lianas.