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Little Cats — Big Personalities

Often overlooked in favor of their ferocious cousins, the felines at the smaller end of the scale can be just as impressive as lions and tigers. Known by scientists as felinae, the diverse small cat family has over 40 species, from the long-legged serval that roam sub-Saharan countries, to the lynx or bobcats with their tufted ears, and even the domestic and seemingly harmless kitten curled up on the sofa.

Despite their diversity, these small cats are united by several feline features. Their claws are retractable to keep them sharp, they have padded feet that enable a silent approach, their pupils can contract in bright light and expand to provide night vision, and their ears can rotate independently like radars to home in on prey.

All these features have one single purpose. The hunt. Despite their size, these cats are impressive predators that gracefully, yet mercilessly, stalk their prey.