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A Rhino's Life

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This intimate portrait of a family of white rhinos in Uganda goes beyond stereotypical stories of poachers to reveal the daily lives of these giants of the savannah. The film focuses on nine-year-old Malaika and her two-year-old son, Elias, who rarely moves from her side. However, major changes are coming for Elias as his mother is pregnant again.

We follow Malaika as she confidently leads her son through the Ugandan nature reserve, showing him the best spots for a mud bath, and protecting him from bull rhinos. The two are inseparable, and every day, Elias learns something new. But one day, Malaika goes into labour, and suddenly, everything changes. 

This is the first time a rhino’s birth has ever been filmed in the wild. In moving scenes, we watch Elias’ inevitable, painful separation from the mother, who until then has always protected him.