Unknown Madagascar

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Madagascar is an ultimate island: Nowhere else on Earth exist so many weird animals in one place. For millions of years, this island lay isolated in the Indian Ocean. Far from the main continents a unique flora and fauna could evolve here.

Like the lemurs, a group of prosimians that only live on Madagascar. There are about 100 known species of them — the largest is the indri. Its home is the rainforest on Madagascar’s eastern side. The most adaptable is the ring-tailed lemur, who even can survive in the driest places.

But the human population in Madagascar is rising rapidly. To produce charcoal, great parts of the rainforest are being chopped down. Only 10 % of the natural rainforest still exists.

In his two-part series, wildlife filmmaker Thomas Behrend presents a still — in some areas — mythical world, that is on the brink of extinction.