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The Cheetah: the fastest animal on earth. Every fibre of its body designed to win the race for survival. But this race is far from easy and this is no ordinary Cheetah story. We follow the destinies of a young cheetah mother and her first cubs. With determination she has to transform them from adorable kittens into bold, powerful hunters. Learning to hunt is key to the cubs chances of surviving in the wild. But this task is a daunting one. The East African plains are full of enemies. The cheetah mother is the weakest link in the chain of predators: lions, leopards and hyenas are a constant and deadly threat to their offspring. And if this were not enough a gang of three cheetah brothers causing even more trouble. An epic true story set against the backdrop of one of the wildest places of our planet, Mother Cheetah captures the real-life of the sprinters of the African savannah.