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Gordo's Journey to the End of the World

We may feel we're leading a 'dog's life' at times, but imagine this dog's life: El Gordo, spoiled, well-loved and well-fed, is taking his morning walk in Buenos Aires' most exclusive park when he suddenly sees a squirrel, chases it, and ends up in a truck. The next stop is Ushuaia, Argentina's southernmost city, thousands of kilometers away in Tierra del Fuego. In the whimsical, heartrending one-hour portrait 'Gordo's Journey to the End of the World' made for ZDF and Arte, award-winning documentary filmmaker Uwe Mueller introduces a four-legged star no one will quickly forget. When El Gordo leaps off the truck in Ushuaia, he is shocked: for the 60,000 inhabitants share their town with 15,000 stray dogs … The town is ruled by gangs of dogs, each with its own turf and pecking order. The canine rowdies chase him from the town's cafés out to the suburbs, then to the rubbish dumps and finally to the forest. But even here he is not safe ... Now he has to learn to hunt again, and to cope with the packs of once domesticated dogs that have returned to the wild. Will city dog El Gordo develop the skills he needs to survive here at the end of the world? Will he find a mate and raise a family?