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Roberts, Laidlaw and the Wrens play through the war game and come up with a tactic to sink the U-boats. Now they face an uphill battle, getting the top brass to listen to them. But it’s more crucial than ever. Hitler has finally granted Dönitz his three hundred U-boats. He’s determined to wipe out Britain’s convoys.

Noble has always been sceptical of Roberts’s war game. He and Laidlaw run through their new tactic. By using the game, they finally convince Noble that their new tactic, codenamed “Raspberry”, is key to stopping the U-boats. Now the Royal Navy encourages all officers to learn it, and many more tactics they’ve developed. WATU is turned into a school. Young women teach seasoned navy men on fighting battles at sea. But the true test of the tactics will be when they’re used against real U-boats in the North Atlantic.