Greatest Events of World War Two in Colour

This illuminating ten-part series tells the story of World War ll through the ten most pivotal turning points in the conflict. Gripping story-telling illustrated with exquisitely restored and colourised archived films and supported by a global cast of stellar historians bring this crucially important era in history to life.

From Germany’s “Lightening War” on France; the RAF’s heroic defence of Britain; the bloody turning point at Stalingrad; the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; the American fight-back at Midway; the Allied landing on Normandy and the doomed German counter-offensive; the liberation of the death camps and the dropping of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this is World War Two as you’ve never seen it before.

1. Blitzkrieg
2. Battle of Britain
3. Pearl Harbor
4. Battle of Midway
5. Siege of Stalingrad
6. D-Day
7. Battle of the Bulge
8. Dresden Firestorm
9. Liberation of Buchenwald
10. Hiroshima