Secrets of the Bible

From Noah’s Flood to the Shroud of Turin, this series tells the tales of a band of explorers - adventurers, distinguished Professors, scientists, an ex sound engineer for 10 cc and the world’s deepest deep sea diver - who have sought the literal truth behind the Bible’s greatest mysteries. Each film focuses on a single real modern day Indiana Jones. Whether motivated by faith, greed or curiosity, some have sunk fortunes and even risked their lives on impossible quests. Mixing dramatic reconstruction, documentary filming and archive they unearth secrets that shed new light on the Bible.

1. Tudor Parfitt and the Lost Tribes of Israel
2. The Holy Grail
3. The Tower of Babel
4. The Ten Plagues
5. The Fall of Jericho
6. The Temple of Solomon Mystery
7. The Real Exodus?
8. The Stone of Jacob
9. Parting of the Red Sea
10. The Search of Sodom
11. The Staff of Moses
12. The Turin Shroud
13. The Great Flood