China's Secret Lands

  • UHD

Set in China’s remote Tibet, Xinjiang, and Yunnan provinces, this threepart series reveals in UHD the colourful and diverse cultures and untold stories of China’s remote border provinces.

Tibet is the rooftop of the world; an extreme environment where people have lived for 5,000 years. Here, ancient culture and devoted spirituality meet an emerging modernity, which is creating unique opportunities for its people.

In Yunnan, 25 different ethnicities embrace the modern world, united by the life-giving force of water, which continues to drive both Yunnan’s cultural and economic future. In the far west of China, mysterious Xinjiang — once at the crossroads of the ancient silk road — is fast regaining its reputation as a place of influence and opportunity as China builds 21st century trade
routes to take its goods to the world.

1. Yunnan: Land of Colourful Clouds
2. Tibet: Ancient Land, Modern World
3. Xinjiang: A Modern Oasis