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After the fall of France in 1940, Dönitz’s most famous U-boat commanders embark on a race to send British merchant ships to the bottom of the sea. Driven by a fierce competition to sink the highest tonnage, they terrorise the North Atlantic convoys and converge on them in wolfpack attacks.

All the while, Vera Laughton Mathew’s Wrens work around the clock to bring the battle directly to Dönitz’s U-boats.

When confronted with unprecedented losses, and the real risk of starvation, the British Royal Navy seize on a manoeuvre developed by the famous U-boat hunter, Commander Johnny F. Walker. But many suspect this to be a fluke. Only one man can expose it as such.

After a brief stint training the Home Guard, Commander Gilbert Roberts is finally ordered to report to the Admiralty. His mission…’to find out what is happening in the Atlantic and sink the U-boats.’