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Following a promotion, Dönitz now has the power to fill the Atlantic with more and more U-boats.

During March 1943, the British are facing a crisis in the North Atlantic, when two convoys travelling in tandem are ravaged by three monster wolfpacks. As food supplies are spread thinly around the British Isles, the pressure rises on Roberts and the Wrens to prove the worth of their tactics. Meanwhile, Horton uses the results of a wargame to convince Churchill to aid the WATU tactics with more warships.

The Battle of the Atlantic is about to reach a turning point when convoy ONS.5 catches Dönitz’s attention. With the largest wolfpack assembling in the Black Pit, all hope for victory rests on WATU’s most distinguished student, Commander Peter Gretton. The stage is set for the biggest confrontation of the war. It will test the escort commanders, and the wargamers’ tactics, to the limit.