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Camp Century - The Hidden City beneath the Ice

During the Cold War, in 1959, the U. S. Army built the first town ever beneath the ice in far-away Greenland. 21 tunnels were constructed with isolated housing for more than 200 soldiers and a nuclear reactor to provide for heat and electricity. Camp Century was the runner-up project for a much larger secret plan called “Iceworm” aimed at stationing six hundred nuclear long-range missiles in the tunnels beneath the ice.

Seven years later, Camp Century had to be abandoned due to unexpected ice drift that caused the camp to collapse. Left behind were more than 10,000 tons of radioactive and toxic waste — frozen under the ice.

According to glaciologists from Canada and Switzerland, these remains could be exposed around 2090 due to the melting ice and could then become a hitherto unknown threat to the food chain of the Arctic Sea.