Decision Days – Days that Changed the World

Could the history of the world also have taken a completely different course? What would have happened if...? A question that everybody must have considered at some time or other. But for historians this has always been a fascinating exercise. Now the question of how the course of world history would have been fundamentally altered if one particular day had ended differently is explored in a three-part Gruppe 5 documentary. In detail three days in history that have had crucial impact on the history of the world are explored.

The key scenes in these events are dramatised in the film in two different versions: firstly as what actually happened, and secondly as what could have happened. The series explores both variants, indicating the dramatic occurrences of these days that defined history and analysing how and why a whole range of consequences ensued from these events. Interviews with internationally renowned experts and dramatic reconstructions at the site of the original events convey a gripping, tangible image of the events in question – of what actually happened and of what might have been.


  1. The Fall of the Aztecs
  2. The Siege of Vienna
  3. The Storming of the Bastille