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Death Of An Icon – Marilyn Monroe (Episode 3)

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In August 1962, America loses its blonde angel: Marilyn Monroe dies under mysterious circumstances. The official cause of death: "probably suicide". But this is more than doubtful. Her dying is as contradictory as she herself: Marilyn was dazzling and insecure, glamorous and unhappy, a puritanical soul who sold sex and became the projection screen for generations. What did really happen?

After her housekeeper discovers her body, six hours pass before the police are called - officers find a beautifully draped body, sleeping pills in the blood but no pill residue in the stomach, unsure-looking witnesses. Today, there are no police files to be found. Several men play shadow roles in this drama: Marilyn's psychiatrist and two of the most powerful men in the world at the time: Romancers John F. and Bobby Kennedy.