Hitler’s Circle of Evil

This is the inside story of the rise and fall of the Third Reich told like the drama it really was: from the perspective of those who made it happen — the movers and shakers of the most evil regime in history. They were Hitler’s henchmen — the small gaggle of war heroes, misfits, careerists and fanatical Nazis who had the ear of the Führer.

Men like ex-chicken farmer and leader of the SS — Heinrich Himmler, Hitler’s adoring but mentally unhinged deputy — Rudolf Hess, fighter ace turned morphine addict — Hermann Göring and sex-crazed propaganda chief — Joseph Goebbels. As they scrabble for power, they will turn on each other in a murky atmosphere of intrigue, betrayal and murder. In a regime where all power derives from one man, they strive to out-do each other in brutality and an unequivocal commitment to the Nazi cause.

1. Heroes & Misfits
2. Regrouping
3. The Fall of Röhm
4. The Rise of Anti-Semitism
5. The Berghof Set
6. The Madness of Rudolf Hess
7. The Rise and Fall of Reinhard Heydrich
8. The Rise of the Sycophants
9. Beginning of the End
10. Meltdown