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Death In The Tower - King Richard And The Two Princes (Episode 5)

Two boys are waiting in the Tower of London for their big day of celebration. The older boy is just 12 years old in the summer of 1483 and is to be crowned King of England. But suddenly doubts arise among the nobles about the succession to the throne and his uncle receives the crown. After the coronation, the two young heirs to the throne disappear from the face of the earth. Have they been kidnapped or murdered? The new King Richard III remains silent on the matter. But the doubts about his accession to the throne remain. In the 17th century, bones are found during building work, confirming the old suspicion against Richard III as a child murderer.

What happened to the two boys in the Tower? A cold case from the age of the knights in England, in which numerous new clues have been found in recent years.