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Death of a Luxury Call Girl - Rosemarie Nitribitt (Episode 6)

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It is the 1st November 1957 when the police open a flat in Frankfurt's Stiftstraße and smell an acrid odour. It emanates from the living room. There she lies - the 24-year-old luxury call girl Rosemarie Nitribitt.

Her death hits like a bomb in the middle of the economic miracle of the 1950s. Nitribitt is not just anyone. She is both a sensation and a provocation. Rosemarie Nitribitt, always elegantly dressed, goes out in public with a black Mercedes convertible and a white poodle to catch customers. But not where other prostitutes wait for clients. Rosemarie Nitribitt also attracts male company from the noble hotels, who are only too happy to use her services. Nitribitt is traded under the table among the moneyed aristocracy as a kind of trophy. However, her murderer was never found. Cold Case reopens the case.