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season four opens with a bang - when a potions lab accident causes Mildred to accidentally change faces! Despite her best efforts, she’s unable to change back before sunset, when the new look becomes permanent. Best friend Maud Spellbody discovers that arch-rival Ethel Hallow’s sabotage caused the lab accident, with the intention of keeping Mildred out of the forthcoming Head Girl contest. Mildred decides that Ethel is not going to get away with it, and enters the contest at the last minute.  Whatever she looks like now, she’s still the same old Mildred Hubble inside, and she’s not going to let Ethel win. So begins the battle for Cackle’s Academy’s greatest honour – a series of challenges that will test Mildred and Ethel’s magical powers to the limit…

This series gives us a Mildred Hubble with a new face but the same clumsy nature, heroic spirit and big, big heart. It’s a story of striving to be the best, even when all around you think you’re the worst… with an epic finale that proves there’s a little bit of magic in everyone.