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Yann, an intrepid 15-year-old and his 7-year-old sister, Marina, live with their Uncle Patrick on the paradise island of Maotou. With Zoom, a white dolphin of exceptional intelligence, they go on amazing adventures. In this 2nd season, our heroes and their Polynesian friends, Timeti, now an apprentice shaman, and Auru, the son of Maotou’s chief, are confronted with fresh dangers. Whether it’s an oil slick threatening the coast or a baby orca creating havoc, they have to find double the courage to come to the rescue of Maotou, its wildlife and its people. They will be able to use to that end Uncle Patrick’s new invention, “The Turtle”, a submarine that can carry the whole family down into the ocean depths. Our heroes will also meet Clarissa, Van Krook’s niece, torn between her affection for her uncle and her feelings for Yann.