Pettson and Findus are back with more creative, heart-warming and enjoyable stories – together with a modern look.

Pettson and Findus – together with their nine hens – master day-to-day life and experience numerous adventures near a lake and forest. In each episode, Findus takes on a new challenge. The challenges are similar to those that children face, making it easy for them to identify with the stories. For example, Findus learns to take on responsibility, reflects on whether it is okay to tell a white lie or is plunged into an identity crisis.

In the new seasons, the stories focus more on the nine hens. They are the only female creatures on the farm and want to be treated like princesses. They have a broad range of funny characters: some are a little posh, some a little clumsy and others just plain dumb. They challenge Findus time and time again, learning lessons together and from each other. It is traditional story-telling at its best – filled with imagination and heart.