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The organizers of the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics have a dream: to show the world a new, tolerant Germany. The dream is shattered on the morning of September 5th, when Palestinian terrorists storm the Israeli quarters and take 11 Israelis hostage – a savage attack that is seen by many today as the zero hour of international terrorism.

On that morning, a young couple – policewoman Anna and helicopter pilot Michael – are thrust into a situation that nobody was ready for. The inexperienced Anna suddenly finds herself negotiating with the head terrorist on behalf of the authorities; Michael is preparing to fly the terrorists and hostages to a plane at a nearby military airport. They know that one wrong word, one wrong move can trigger a bloodbath.

Alternating between scenes of silent fear and despair among the Israeli hostages and emotionally charged exchanges among the overwhelmed police, “Munich 72” is a real-life thriller based on actual events. The film is directed by Israeli-born Dror Zahavi, who brought actors from Palestine and Israel to Munich especially for this film. The scriptwriters were advised by former General Ulrich Wegener, who played a key role in the original events and went on to set up the legendary GSG9 commando.