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If You Love Someone Set Them Free

The lamp designer Luise Iwersen is living a happy life in Hamburg with her husband Stephan and their two children. When Stephan suffers a serious accident on holiday while seeking to rescue another skier after a fall, she cannot foresee how drastically the event will change her life. She travels to a specialist hospital in Lucerne where Stephan is slowly regaining consciousness after lying in an induced coma.

Luise discovers that the woman he saved, Patrizia, has visited Stephan as well. At first Luise does not recognise the message that is being brought home ever more clearly by Patrizia and Stephan – that moment on the glacier, their first encounter, was love at first sight. In a state of bewilderment, Luise embarks on a quest to get to the bottom of the cause of the skiing accident. She hopes that Stephan, who has not yet grasped the significance of that fateful moment, will find his way back to her and the children. Luise has to reinvent herself, her life and her relationship with Stephan. And she must learn to let go of the life she loved.