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Ella's Decision

Ella and Marcus Herlinger wish to have a child. However, Ella is a carrier of Duchenne, an incurable genetic illness, which her 12-year-old nephew Lennart already has.

Without telling her older sister Johanna, Ella tries to get pregnant with the aid of preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Yet, to cover the high costs, Ella needs Johanna’s consent in order to take out a mortgage on the farm they inherited from their parents.

Johanna ultimately agrees to the mortgage without knowing the real reason why her sister needs the money. The medical treatments put Ella and Marcus’s marriage to the test.

When Ella finally becomes pregnant with twins word quickly spreads in their little Bavarian village about the “unnatural” way in which Ella’s babies were conceived. Johanna breaks off contact with her sister and forbids her to visit her nephew, whom she loves dearly. Ella is distraught. Did she have no right to a healthy child? Did she play God?