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Alex is about to be removed from his position as the Chair of the legal eco-association. Eevi finds out that Taneli has found the Tellus drawing. She panics and calls up the Tellus group for an emergency meeting. Janne suggests confronting Taneli and volunteers to kill him, take the blame and then kill himself. Eevi expects to be arrested soon. She meets Taneli. He offers Eevi the option that he’d allow Tellus to continue, if Eevi would report to him everything on the activities of the group. And Tellus needs to continue without human casualties. Janne is really down. What has he left in life? Eevi gives him Prozac sedatives. Eevi knows now that she is deeply in love with Alex. She wants to tell him everything, but she can’t. Alex meets up on the street with his ex, Sara.

Janne comes to see Eevi and tells her he’s about to commit suicide. He’d like his suicide to be for a good cause and save Tellus by killing Taneli and taking all the blame on himself. Eevi says that she trusts Taneli. Eevi and Taneli make a deal: she will not be arrested, but become an informer, and not tell the tellusians about that. Tellus may continue. Eevi tries to call Janne to tell him about her agreement with Taneli, but she’s too late: Janne races his car over Taneli, leaving him lifeless on the ground.