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Alex starts his first eco-attack. His target is a coal fueled power station. At the last possible moment he hesitates – and stops.  He is about to bring Maria the explosives when he gets beaten up by three anonymous men and the explosives get stolen. Maria gets furious when realizing the explosives are somewhere around town. Alex hunts up his former eco-colleagues, beats them up and gets the explosives back and brings them to Maria.

Eevi is about to give her confession video to Alex, when Alex tells his secrets to her. She decides not to show Alex the video. Eevi has trouble solving her dilemma. She needs to find a way to continue her life, not able to give up neither her mission nor love.

By intuitive suspicion Maria, who has not given up the investigation, goes to search Eevi’s apartment. She is about to find crucial evidence when Eevi returns and discovers Maria. Maria’s entry is illegal and she is ordered to give up her private investigations for good, even if Eevi does not want to sue her. Tellus-case is finally and totally closed.

Eevi confronts Rike for a final battle of the morals and ways to save the earth, about the end justifying the means. Finally, they do not agree, but Eevi decides to return to Tellus.
And she is ready to kill, too…