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Computer expert Amy Beck gets her kicks by hacking into the security systems of luxury cars. She does this for the most part, however, for her boyfriend Tim Kortner, who then sells the stolen, expensive vehicles for a good price to customers flush with money. But after a spectacular car theft, Tim is found in his workshop next to the stolen car – killed by a blow to the head. Amy is immediately suspected of committing the murder. And indeed, all the evidence incriminates the young woman: She suffers from a mental illness, the victim apparently wrote her name in blood on the floor with his last gram of strength, and there are no witnesses who can prove she’s innocent.

Working as a team, Leo and Benni tackle their client’s problem. Leo knew the victim and so he feels obligated to help his girlfriend out of her precarious situation. Benni, on the other hand, sees Amy as an intelligent and absolutely innocent young woman, whom he wants to help see justice. In addition, he thinks there’s a good chance to refute the accusations against her. After all, by stealing cars, her boyfriend was in a criminal environment where, as everyone knows, there are numerous envious thugs and enemies who won’t hesitate to use violence. There must be a potential perpetrator among them. However, Police Inspector Stolze, who is in charge of the investigation, has a counter-argument: He couldn’t discover anything when investigating the angle that could exonerate Amy.