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Wales - Great Britain's Wild West

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Rugged mountains in the North, hilly landscapes in the South and craggy cliffs along the coastline — a region of contrasts. Although Wales is Great Britain’s smallest area, yet its landscape is shrouded in myths and legends. It was here, that JRR Tolkien drew inspiration for his world-famous trilogy “Lord of the Rings.”

In the North lies Snowdonia — a mountain landscape with a spectacular backdrop: wild goats engage in bitter battles during the autumnal rutting season. Their close relation with ibex is obvious. Around 5,000 grey seals inhabit the 2,700 kilometre-long coast. The young are born in the autumn and often have to endure devastating storms.

Nature filmmaker Hans-Peter Kuttler spent two years photographing the Welsh countryside and now presents the fascinating nature of Great Britain’s Wild West from completely new perspectives.