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Australia’s tropical north is a biodiversity hotspot. But in the Daintree rainforest, there’s a valley that’s so much more. In the shadow of Australia’s wettest mountain, lies the Cooper Valley. This valley alone, is the oldest rainforest on earth. It is the most biologically diverse habitat on the planet, the nutrients carried from this valley feed the greatest coral reef on the planet.

In this ancient landscape, there’s a creature that is more important than any other. The Cassowary. A giant, flightless, pre-historic bird. Amongst the Cassowary in Cooper Valley, one in particular rules the rainforest. Here, Bertha is Queen. She is fighting to reproduce, but life here has never been so tough. In the face of rival females, feral predators and extreme weather, the future for Bertha, and the endangered Cassowary is far from certain.