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There are lots of fears and phobias about snakes, but most are based on fiction not fact.

Snakes are phenomenally successful, with more than 3,000 species living across the planet. Whether it’s a little woma python sniffing out a rodent prey in the dark, a cobra trying to envenomate a toad, a mole snake fighting off a hunting serval or a huge python making moves on an alligator nursery, there is drama at every turn.

Snakes are amazing animals. They have endured for eons even though hundreds of thousands of snakes are killed by people every year. But it’s likely that snakes are far more beneficial to humans alive than dead. There’s no doubt some snakes can be dangerous and they deserve our respect. But they’re not out to get us. All snakes play an important role in maintaining the balance of nature, benefitting everything, including us.