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Hidden Worlds of the Baltic

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No less than the great, spectacular oceans, Europe’s North and Baltic Seas still have intriguing stories to tell and secrets to reveal. The waters between Denmark’s Bornholm Island and the Finnish Archipelago, between Estonia’s islands and the chalk cliffs of Mons are the scene of dramas, both great and small. We see eider duck chicks desperately fleeing the attacks of herring gulls, and sea trout trying to return to the rivers of their birth to spawn. In the Finnish Archipelago sea grass have created an ‘underwater savannah’, the ideal habitat for broad-nosed pipefish. Here, these perfectly camouflaged animals reveal their unique mating dance. But we also learn about the terrible problems global warming is causing grey seals. For this series portrays not only the glories of the seas, but also, crucially, their vulnerability.