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No less than the great, spectacular oceans, Europe’s North and Baltic Seas still have intriguing stories to tell and secrets to reveal. The waters between Norway’s fjords and the Wadden Sea, between the Shetland Islands and Normandy are the scene of dramas, great and small. We are there to see orcas hunting grey seals and a baby catshark facing its worst enemy, an angler fish. Can the catfish evade the angler’s gaping jaws? We witness the delicate marriage-dance of a seahorse couple. These very special fish had disappeared from the North Sea. Now they are slowly returning to the coasts of France. Further North we are up close a bloody battle between giant bull seals fighting for the role of Beachmaster and control of the harem. This series, however, portrays not only the glories of the seas, but, crucially, their vulnerability too.