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Pantanal - Brazil's Natural Miracle

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“Pantanal“ is Portuguese for “swamp”, a simple name for a fabulously spectacular region. These are the world’s greatest wetlands, right in the heart of South America. This ancient landscape, the size of Great Britain, is a sanctuary for Jaguars, Giant Otters, Hyacinth Macaws, Anteaters, Porcupines, Armadillos, Caimans and many other charismatic animals - some of them seriously threatened elsewhere. But why are they so successful here? For the first time, this film reveals the secret.

The yearly cycle of droughts and floods creates a unique mosaic of rivers, lakes, swamps, gallery forests and the savannah-like Cerrados. Step by step, this film reveals the different, surprising factors that maintain the Pantanal as a flourishing wild habitat; but it also reminds us why this natural paradise is once more under threat.