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Guyana is a small, little-known country in South America. Located on the Atlantic coast, it is an intriguing combination of the Caribbean and a former British colony. In this colourful, tolerant society, six ethnic groups live together peacefully.

The country is also home to jaguars, giant otters, harpy eagles, and other awe-inspiring wildlife. The nation is rich in gold and diamonds, the mining of which is strictly monitored. This three-part series takes viewers into the unfamiliar, exotic, and fascinating Republic of Guyana. In each episode, locals provide insight into various aspects of the country, explaining the life, culture and mindset of the people. The country boasts three entirely different habitats – coastal region, savannah, and rainforest – each with its own animal and plant world.

90 % of Guyana’s inhabitants live along the coast behind a dyke system called the Seawall, a vital bulwark against the power of the Atlantic Ocean. During high tide, bizarre four-eyed fish come ashore to feed. Endless, untouched rainforests characterise the inaccessible hinterland – possibly the largest contiguous jungle left on Earth. This is the realm of the jaguar and the harpy eagle.

On the vast plains of the southern savannah graze the cattle of the vaqueros. During the rainy season, the savannah transforms into fertile wetlands and huge lakes and is home to the anaconda and caiman.