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Nestled in the unexplored depths of South America, the tropical rainforests of Guyana remain largely unknown. The secrets of this unspoiled paradise are less well-known than those of the Amazon, despite it being home to a breathtaking array of species. The king of this wildlife diversity, the jaguar, sits enthroned in the shadow of the jungle.

This young male is ready to embark upon the most important mission of his life. He must find a kingdom of his own. His journey will take him through changing habitats, each with its own cast of animal characters. He will face other top predators, such as majestic caimans, impressive arapaima, and playful giant otters. Viewers have a front-row seat as the jaguar fights for his place at the top of the jungle hierarchy.

Jaguar: Jungle Icon of Guyana is available as an additional stand alone Blue Chip Special to the series “Guyana”.