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Otto loves to play with anything he can find in the nursery, but he has a great passion: arts and crafts! When the lights go out in the nursery and Marie and Finn close their eyes, Otto’s fun is just beginning! Unfortunately, he can’t buy any new materials because, well, he’s a teddy bear. But, Marie and Finn always leave a lot of scraps around the nursery, and there’s plenty of things that mom and dad have around the house that Otto can use. There is always something exciting and new to be found.

Let’s start! Tonight, a shoebox and a bit of crumpled blue tracing paper are left… what could you do with that? Otto immediately has an idea! A swimming pool for a doll! The next evening, snippets of magazines are glued into collages, and the next, rabbits and ladybugs and butterflies are made from toilet paper rolls. There is always a second use for Marie and Finn’s arts and crafts leftovers, and often the best materials are in the childrens’ room. But shhh!! You don’t want to wake the kids!

Suitable for all ages from 3 to 6 years. Children can create some of Otto’s projects all by themselves, and for others, they might need the help of mom and dad.