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Keep Your Enemies Close (eps. 2)

Cleo applies for a new job at the Marine Park as an assistant dolphin trainer. Bella's supportive but Rikki's wary. Cleo's soon in over her head when she catches Will innocently swimming with Ronnie the dolphin in the holding pool. He's a natural and has Ronnie leaping through the air. Cleo's supervisor Laurie is impressed with Cleo when he sees Ronnie do the amazing leap – apparently at her own instruction. He arranges Cleo to join the main performance show. After hearing Nate's latest love song at rehearsal in the cafe Rikki fires the band. She doesn't want customers vanishing! Bella spars with Rikki, thinking it's her she's really upset with – until she finds that the issue is really with Nate! Cleo feels pressured when she’s certain she won’t be able to retain the job. Will steps in to help her and Cleo wows the audience with her main performance. Bella and Rikki come to an understanding: the band can stay as long as Bella continues as the lead singer. Bella rounds off a busy day with a terrific performance at the cafe.