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Groovy proves his hip-hop skills and shows his guest how well he is able to beatbox. But he has another idea up his sleeve: After he and the kid have enjoyed a pizza, Groovy turns the pizza box into a musical instrument to complete the groovy hip-hop beat.

As so often, Groovy is unstoppable. Full of groove, he proves to his guest how well he is able to beatbox. The hip-hop session comes to a sudden end after Groovy's neighbor complains about the noise. Since the stomach is growling anyway, Groovy and the kid order pizza without further ado. Now they only have to wait until the pizza arrives, and then they can enjoy the delicious pizza. But our monkey still has another trick up his sleeve, how to produce a cool hip-hop beat without being able to beatbox as he did before. And so Groovy shows us how to turn an empty pizza box into a great instrument in no time. Together they groove to the sound of the pizza box.