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Bobo does finger painting (eps. 39)

Bobo and his mother are in her study. They want to finger paint. Mum has some work to do first. To avoid getting bored Bobo covers the floor with newspaper. That’s a difficult job because the newspaper is rather large. Bobo is allowed to open the paint pots. Mother and son paint a landscape in the spring on the window glass. Accidentally Bobo steps into the blue paint with one foot and then into the yellow pot with the other one. He now goes on painting with his “feet paints”. He falls on his bum and that means he’s got “bum paint”, too. Bobo is told to close his eyes while his mother paints a surprise on the window glass with this paint: she puts a bunny into the spring landscape. On the way to the bathroom Bobo falls asleep on Mum’s arm.