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Bobo and his cousin are pirates (eps. 49)

Cousin Lukas comes to visit Bobo. They want to play pirates. Bobo buries a treasure in the sand-box. With the help of a treasure map Bobo has drawn Lukas is able to find it. The two carry the treasure to Bobo’s pirate ship (tree house) so that the enemies (birds) won’t get it. But the two rock back and for “on the high seas” and the treasure box falls down into the sand box. A bird returns. Danger! Bobo wants to catch the box but he cannot climb up the firefighter’s bar all by himself. Lukas has the solution: With a rope he pulls down a bucket and pulls up Bobo with it. First Bobo is afraid but after a moment he likes it so much that Lukas fastens the rope. Bobo keeps staying in the bucket. Lukas rolls a leave of the tree to serve as binoculars. When he wants to give them to Bobo his cousin has fallen asleep.