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Charlotte's World - There's no such thing as Impossible

Sonja Felsner is 47 years old and has been a single mother for two years. The divorce from her husband Matthias was amicable. She’s an adult, after all. Sonja’s days are more than filled up with her very demanding job at an advertising agency and with running the household with her two children Charlotte (14) and Max (18).

Until now, Sonja was always the one who gave the impression that she’d drunk from the fountain of eternal youth. Exposed to the daily competition for eternal youth at the advertising agency, she had hardly had time to think about getting older until now. And so it hits Sonja all the harder to see the world continue to turn mercilessly, while her ex-husband is making a fresh start with a younger woman.

What is her life about? At home, her children answer that question in their very own way. Max has just finished his A-Levels and announces that he’ll be moving in with some friends in the afternoon. And daughter Charlotte seems to have made the overnight decision to not be the only girl in the world to be unscathed by the torturous phase of puberty after all. Her new classmate Geraldine (14), who seems to know exactly how life works, plays an important part in that.