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Karin is in the prime of her life, when suddenly everything changes. After she finds out she’s terminally ill, she decides to move in with her daughter, who is not at all amused.

Both have not talked in years and now Karin suddenly announces that she intends to stay for good. Her arrival upends the everyday life of the small family and conflicts soon follow. But the biggest challenge is still to come.

Karin refuses to face the last journey alone. After all, that’s what family is for. She wants to use her remaining time to improve her relationship with her only daughter, which has gone cold. Despite her grief, Steffi is not exactly enthusiastic about the unfamiliar closeness to her mother, with whom she has always had a tense relationship. Steffi is infuriated by Karin’s incessant well-meant advice on her obviously failing marriage and how they raise their son. Still, there is much to improve in both respects.

Steffi herself seems to have lost her self-confidence and fails to assert herself in her work, while her husband Basti can’t keep his hands off his sexy assistant and their adolescent son Timo has changed into a video game addicted overeater who is threatening to burst. Karin's move changes everything and everyone and brings the really important things in life to the fore.