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Dieter and Esther are convinced their 50-50 split approach to career, housework and childcare is the perfect solution for managing day-to-day life. And yet their plan runs aground. Only too late does Dieter notice that they only see each other in passing as they hand off shifts watching their five-year-old twins and three-year-old daughter. As a result, he’s completely floored when Esther confesses that she’s fallen in love with her attractive Danish colleague, the lawyer Lars. Hurt and angry, Dieter moves into a hotel. At the same time, he’s facing a great deal of pressure from his boss at the magazine, Saskia. And if that weren’t enough of a challenge, Dieter’s overeager intern, Lisa, is also turning out to be serious competition. Dieter throws himself into his work – and a precarious flirtation.

Uwe Ochsenknecht and Valerie Niehaus are a couple whose marriage is thrown into crisis by the ins and outs of daily life with three small children. A loose sequel to the family comedy “Survival on the Diaper Front.”